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Kelowna Chiropractors Offer Family Wellness

LifeWorks Family Chiropractic Cares about Your Needs

Hello! I am Kelowna chiropractor Dr. James Whillans. I am pleased to welcome you to LifeWorks Family Chiropractic, our family practice in Kelowna, BC. We care about your health and will take the time to listen to your needs. We’ll help you heal, reach your health goals and live the life you want to live.

At LifeWorks Family Chiropractic, we offer:

  • Chiropractic Care. Wellness for you and your whole family.
  • Pregnancy and Pediatric Care. Our special focus that can help both you and your child.
  • Home Visits. We visit pregnant mothers and newborns when you need us.
  • Emergency Care. Request a same-day visit if you are experiencing a crisis.

Our Focus Is You

You deserve the best care possible and each day we strive to provide just that. Through our in-depth examination, we’ll find the exact cause of your problem so we can address your healing head-on. Keeping your best interest in mind at all times, we’ll make sure this is the right place for you before beginning care. Our goal is to help restore your health so you can live better than before.

Live Your Greatest Potential

Who doesn’t want to live their best life? We do, and we want you to as well. We understand that your body was made to regulate and heal itself. If it’s not doing just that, something is interfering. That’s why our approach is centered on addressing the underlying cause of your problem to help you be the strongest, healthiest person you can be.

For more information, please take a look around our website, check out our patient stories, our facebook page,
and our natural health blog. We welcome you to become part of our patient family! Contact us today to see how
we can help you or someone you know.

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