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Connection Between The Spine & Nervous System

A “Guest Blog” by Dr. James Allen, Chiropractor

Let’s explore what happens when you visit a Chiropractor because there’s much more to it then ‘cracking a bone back into place.’ Chiropractors promote a natural and preventative lifestyle which focuses on ensuring your spine, nervous system and overall health is at its absolute best all the time.

So how is it that seeing a Chiropractor can affect other areas of your body or health if we only look at the back? Introducing your amazing nervous system. The nervous system begins with your brain which transmits messages to and from the body via nerves, hormones and chemicals. These nerves travel through your spinal cord and exit the spine at various levels. Each nerve has its own important responsibility and role in pain, function and wellbeing.

Consider this example: It’s a beautiful summers day and you’re out on the track completing a leisurely run. Suddenly you reach for your lower back after feeling a pinching sensation. You decided to stop running, hobble over to a bench a do a few stretches to loosen the area. A week later, the same pain returns. This time its popped its head up with greater intensity and you do something about it immediately. You call your Chiropractor and schedule a consult later that day. It turns out that you’ve pinched your 5th lumbar nerve which commonly refers pain to the lower back, buttocks and legs. As well as this, this specific nerve is also responsible for the normal functioning of your kidney, bladder, bowel and reproductive organs. This is the vital connection between the spine and your overall health that many people miss out on. And thus, why many people see Chiropractors for maintenance care. Next time when you hear someone say “I see my Chiropractor because it helps improve my Asthma” or “Chiropractic care reduces my allergies” you will understand how proper nerve function can achieve these changes.

We all want to be healthy and regularly visiting your Chiropractor is just one component of good health.

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