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Chiropractor Kelowna, Dr. Jeff Pereverzoff

Meet Dr. Jeff Pereverzoff

For more than two decades, Dr. Jeff has provided modern, research-based chiropractic care for families wishing to eliminate their pain and increase their vitality. At LifeWorks Family Chiropractic we welcome every member of the community, from newborn babies and children to adults and our senior population. We feature a modern formula of care through the Torque Release Technique™ (TRT). A gentle and supportive approach is our standard.

A Better Quality of Life

When Dr. Jeff was about 11 years old, he developed constant headaches and nosebleeds that would never stop. “Not only was my condition painful, but it was embarrassing. My symptoms made me feel insecure and powerless. It was only after my family took me to see a chiropractor that the condition disappeared. I was so grateful.”

A Future in Chiropractic

Dr. Jeff was always drawn to a career in the health field. When he was 16, he found himself on the golf course with an M.D. He never forgot his advice: “If you really want to help people, don’t go into medicine or dentistry. Get into chiropractic. Because the lifestyle in the chiropractic profession is second to none.”

After completing his first year of college, Dr. Jeff decided that the field of chiropractic was the direction he wanted to go in.

An Evolving Practice

Dr. Jeff earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer West in California. For the first 15 years of his practice, he had a reputation for excellence in the Kelowna community using traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques.

The health struggles of his oldest son, however, forced him to take a more encompassing look at health care in general. He began to see that health problems don’t just stem from physical stress on the body, but on two other powerful stressors as well: chemical stress and mental/emotional stress.

He began to study a research-based chiropractic adjusting style called TRT. He loved the positive response it created in his patients. He also began to incorporate essential principles of stress reduction into his daily interactions with his patients. These approaches included meditation, nutrition, chemical-free living, essential oils and specific stress management. Dr. Jeff began to totally embrace the model of wellness-based health care. He’s never looked back.


On a Personal Note

Dr. Jeff is married and has four sons. The entire family is actively involved in the community. He loves to visit wineries with his wife; they’re both “foodies” as well. He and his sons frequently play golf together, and swimming is a favourite family event. There’s nothing he likes better than to head to a warm beach in the winter!

Come in and See Us Today

We’d love to welcome you or your loved ones as a new patient. Our Kelowna office has the tools and expertise to help the entire family. We feature complimentary consultations for those we serve. For your convenience, we can either chat over the phone or meet in person at the office. Contact us today!


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