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Alysha Maidment

Meet Alysha Maidment

Alysha spent 15 years working as a Care Aide before starting at Kelowna Family Chiropractic, working with Dr. Jeff and his team. She moved over to LifeWorks in 2022, and spends her days as Chiropractic Assistant at the front desk, and a Laser Technician. Alysha is passionate about meeting new people and helping them achieve their fullest life potential.

Chiropractic care has had a huge impact on her and her family, and has helped in many ways, including with her children’s development, helping with ease of physical activity, strengthening her perceived overall health and her mental clarity.

Outside of the Office

On her off time, Alysha spends time with her husband, Brandon, and her two littles, climbing mountains and camping in the wilderness. Alysha loves everything outdoors, and is a huge animal lover. You’ll probably find Alysha on a quad out by the lake on her weekends!


Alysha Maidment | (250) 868-4880